marketing truth for the Christian
Christian chiropractors all know their practice is different from the rest. 

So why are they forced to follow the same tactics the world uses for practice growth? Things that don't fit and always fall short?

Now, there's a better way! 

Introducing the tailor-fit marketing solution for the Christian chiropractor that acknowledges your part and God's part in growing & maximizing your practice's potential...

Make the most of your God given opportunity to serve more patients, improve your practice, and free up your time...

 It's the only solution that combines Godly wisdom and consistent marketing to generate results you can feel good about.

Discover a better way to achieve your goals, and gain clarity on God's plan to advance you into the next season...
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"The 3 Seasons of the Christian Chiropractor: How to Align With God's Design."
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"The 3 Seasons of The Christian Chiropractor: How to align with God's Design" 

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accomplish more by
doing less?
We know Christian chiropractors across the country have been told a lie...

The lie insists on adding more and more activities (think blogging, Facebook ads, Youtube, Instagram, email newsletters, etc.) in order to reach your practice goals...

And unless you keep up with all the other chiropractors you will fall behind the times, be forgotten by patients, lose market share, and wither on the vine...

But it's just not true. 

In fact, those same chiropractors are too busy chasing their own tails to stop and realize that following the masses is a sure sign they don't have a plan, and are running scared trying to discover one...

Instead, they focus on trying to do everything because they haven't identified the main things that actually make the difference they desperately seek.

But we know the truth...

If you identify what is actually responsible for bringing in new patients, increasing retention, and generating more referrals you can achieve more by doing less "things." 

That's right, and you can ignore the rest.

Plus, we believe that Christian chiropractors don't have to conform to the world in their marketing practices...

Instead, they can use a Biblical lens that is even more effective that actually fits who they are.

Of course, this view on chiropractic marketing is not for everybody. And that's ok. 

There will always be some who value profits over people, and prefer copying the latest tactic of the month...

We aren't here to change their minds. 

Christian Chiro Clarity is only for the Christian chiropractor who can confidently say:

-I'm an experienced chiropractor who can make a difference (I truly care about helping patients and quality of care.)

-I have a Christian worldview (and see my practice as serving God and others.)

-I own an established practice (not a startup or a solo enterprise.)

-I believe in sustained growth (that my practice must continue to grow and mature, which is a principle of life, and not stagnate into the status quo.)

Does this describe you? 

If so, you're invited to enjoy this Free CD.

It will give you fresh perspective on God's involvement and care for your practice...

It will also give you encouragement and vision for what He has next!

And we guarantee it's different from any chiropractic training you've ever heard before.

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"Thank You!! My practice has just skyrocketed!"   
-Dr. John Hanna
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